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Projects > PALZ+ - Play and Learn Zone

Download the NEW 2016 PALZ+ Referral Form

BYDP manage and deliver the PALZ+ (Play And Learn Zone) programme funded by Bradford council, across Manningham, Girlington, Heaton and Haworth Road areas, working with referred young people ages 8-13 years, at risk from social exclusion and offending.

The aim of PALZ+ is to provide a programme of 1-2-1 mentoring and activities to vulnerable young people in order to reduce the likelihood of future involvement in criminal behaviour, anti-social behaviour, school absence and poor attainment. Young people are more vulnerable in this age group as it is a time of transition for young people. PALZ+ aims to support young people through this transition to a more positive place.

The PALZ+ project aims to:

  • Demonstrate a reduction in risk factors that indicate the likelihood of a young person offending and an increase in protective factors that deter them from offending

  • Reduce anti-social behaviour and nuisance in a neighbourhood

  • Reduce non-school attendance among the identified group of young people

  • Reduce youth offending rates among the identified group of young people

PALZ+ Outcomes

  • Young people supported will become resilient and self-confident

  • Young people will attend school, behave appropriately and achieve their full academic potential

  • Young people will behave in a socially acceptable fashion in the home, school and community

Overview of PALZ+ activities Mentoring
The core work of the transformed PALZ+ service is the provision of flexible, responsive and personalised mentoring and activities for young people.

Schools work - We will continue to work with schools, including targeting schools identified by Area Committees. We aim to work with schools during school times and/or delivery of group work funded by the schools to prevent children requiring mentoring services.

Community work - Planned and targeted activity responding to needs/priorities identified in a particular area through links with Area Committees. Referrals are taken from education, social services, parents or workers in the community whom may already be working with the individuals concerned. The project offers a number of support services.