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BYDP manage and deliver the PALZ+ (Play And Learn Zone) programme funded by Bradford Council, across Manningham, Girlington, Heaton and Haworth Road areas, working with referred young people ages 8-13 years, at risk from social exclusion and offending.

The aim of PALZ+ is to provide a programme of 1-2-1 mentoring and activities to vulnerable young people in order to reduce the likelihood of future involvement in criminal behaviour, anti-social behaviour, school absence and poor attainment. Young people are more vulnerable in this age group as it is a time of transition for young people. PALZ+ aims to support young people through this transition to a more positive place.

The PALZ+ project aims to:

  • Demonstrate a reduction in risk factors that indicate the likelihood of a young person offending and an increase in protective factors that deter them from offending
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour and nuisance in a neighbourhood
  • Reduce non-school attendance among the identified group of young people
  • Reduce youth offending rates among the identified group of young people

PALZ+ Outcomes

  • Young people supported will become resilient and self-confident
  • Young people will attend school, behave appropriately and achieve their full academic potential
  • Young people will behave in a socially acceptable fashion in the home, school and community

Schools work – We frequently carry out work in schools, supporting young people in familiar and safe places at their request.

Referrals – Referrals are also taken from parents or workers in the community whom may already be working with the young people. The project offers a number of support services and signpost young people onto further activities following our support.

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