BYDPs ‘Mind The Gap’ Project is supported by the Co-op Foundation. The project creates opportunities for young people to carry out social action that meets their needs and those of others within diverse communities in Bradford. What is exciting is that young people will put together their projects, influence others to listen or take part and make significant changes for other young people to benefit from.

32% of 16 to 24 year-olds feel lonely ‘often’ or ‘always’

Co-op Foundation’s research in 2016 led to the Foundation setting up the ‘Belong’ programme, building a national network of projects tackling loneliness among disadvantaged young people. BYDP is part of the Belong network.

#iwill is a UK-wide campaign aiming to make involvement in social action – e.g. campaigning, fundraising and volunteering – part of life for more 10-20 year-olds by the year 2020. BYDP has pledged to make its own contribution to seeing this happen.

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