Patience and persistence

Making the right decisions to improve your organisation is not a quick or simple process. I like starting with the end in mind. I like seeking counsel from many to weigh the balance of thoughts and challenge perceptions. Then decide on the course of action and poise for an opportunity to act – which may or may not emerge. Be patient and persistent I have learned to say.

Keep nudging!

Even well made plans unravel when events take place outside your control. How you respond in these circumstances define your integrity and prove your resolve. Keep striving towards something better and your nudging will open doors of opportunity, sometimes just when you need it most!

Keep that idea handy

I collect project ideas. Often they arise from a conversation or when I’m doing something different. They hit me and I’m convinced that this is the answer! Then they fade away and I feel silly. The skill is in nurturing the grain of truth that the idea is based on.

Role models and familiar faces

When did you last make a good impression on someone? It takes time to be consistent – but it changes lives. Today young people responded so positively when they saw us in a place they were unfamiliar with – “Oh I’m glad to see you!!”

Generating momentum

Here at BYDP we thrive on working with others. Together we can create new ideas and share. More can be done and each encourages the best. Let’s get those of us in Bradford helping each other better. Please join in with us.