BYDP’s Strategic Opportunities and Outcomes

BYDP intends to continue to build on its strengths in order to respond to the needs of disadvantaged young people. 

BYDP has opportunities to:

  • Identify and deliver activities to meet gaps in general youth provision which have developed as a result of public sector funding cuts
  • Utilise our expertise in youth work with BAME young people
  • Develop our expertise in delivering intensive interventions to key groups of vulnerable young people
  • Strengthen our partnership work with voluntary organisations and education bodies
  • Work towards becoming an accredited training provider

Strategic Outcomes to 2021

BYDP will always measure the difference it makes.  Our activities will always contribute to the following outcomes and indicators.

Outcome 1

Improve the health and wellbeing of young people

Outcome 2

Raise the aspirations of young people to bigger and better futures

Outcome 3

Enable more young people to speak up about issues that affect them

Outcome 4

Enable young people to view diversity more positively

Outcome 5

Build on and further develop our reputation as a professional and sustainable organisation

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