What is it like being a young person working with BYDP?

“Being at BYDP has allowed me to work with different people from various communities. This is why I am studying a degree in Youth and Community Development. BYDP has inspired me to become a youth worker. I have enjoyed working at BYDP as it has opened my eyes to a lot of things.”

“I joined the Youth Forum for voluntary work and got invited to different projects along the way. BYDP helped me in many ways. I will leave BYDP a more confident and open minded person. The staff have taught me the reality of life and they truly have been an inspiration to me. They gave us the opportunity to show what we were made of and gave us the chance to flourish. I was very shy until I came to BYDP. They have taught me to open up and speak my mind and I can see the change within myself. There is no criticism of this place and I will have very fond memories.”

“BYDP is a youth group which I can gladly say I have joined. BYDP is a fun place to come to and meet different people from different places. At first, before BYDP, I didn’t have much confidence but as time went by my eyes were opened.” “BYDP listen to all our thoughts and have helped us to deal with problems.”

“We planned and organised our own projects which made us think on a deeper level. Overall I feel that BYDP has been an inspiration to me and makes me realise what I want to be in life.”

What are the benefits of working with BYDP as a partner agency?

“BYDP has provided us as staff with the opportunities to help enrich our students learning experience and also their lives in various ways. As staff by observing and participating in various sessions, we found that we had furthered our own knowledge from the experiences. In relation to sessions such as drugs awareness, Interfaith Conference and knife & gun crime these subjects will help our society as a whole as well as individuals participating and also their learning can be passed onto others.”


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